7 Day Deep Tissue Cleanse

Eat nothing for the full 7 days other than as specified during the programme.  If you experience a feeling of extreme hunger, you may drink more herbal teas, vegetable broths or vegetable juices.  Plenty of fluid is essential to the success of the cleansing programme.  NEVER mix fruit and vegetable juices at the same time.

You should drink 1 fluid oz (30ml) of juice for every pound of your body weight every day.  This includes vegetable/fruit juice, cleansing drinks and the vegetable broth.  The more liquid you take in, the quicker you flush out all the accumulated toxins and the less possibility there is of retaining water, because the mineral water/juices act as natural diuretics.

Your daily regimen should start with:
  • Linseed Drink – soak 1 tsp of linseeds in a cup of boiling water the night before.  Drink only the liquid (before skin brush and first set of cleansing drinks).
  • Skin Brush - 3-5 mins each morning… Immediately after take;
  • Cleansing Drinks – the cleansing drinks consist of two parts to be mixed separately and in succession.  The two part drinks are taken 4 times daily.

Recipe for Cleansing Drinks

Part 1
Blend together
1 heaped teaspoon of Lepicol Plus with
Betonite clay mix
250ml juice or water

(Bentonite clay mix consists of 10oz water and 1 level tsp clay and soaked overnight.  USE PLASTIC SPOON NOT METAL ONE – VERY IMPORTANT)

Mix the above and drink immediately as it hardens quickly, followed straight after by;

Part 2
Blend together
1 teaspoon unrefined honey
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
10fl oz filtered water

First drink part 1 followed by part 2.


These are to be taken four times daily with the freshly prepared vegetable juice.

 Niacin tabs 500g  Day 1  half a tablet each time
   Day 2 and 3  one tablet each time
   Day 4 and 5  one and half tablets each time
   Day 6 and 7  two tablets each time

(These tablets may provoke a strong sensation of warmth and facial/body flushing.  This is normal and will pass as your body gets used to it.  If it is too uncomfortable just reduce the quantity).

 Vitamin C  1 tablet each time
 Pancreatin  4 tablets each time
 Beetroot Fibre  2 capsules each time
 Superfoods Powder  2 heaped teaspoons in each vegetable juice

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 Juice/ Veg Acidophilus

The Importance of Vegetable Broth

The vegetable broth is a cleansing and alkalising drink which supplies a great amount of vitamins and particularly minerals, which are so important for establishing and normalising a proper chemical balance in the tissues during fasting.  Here’s how to make it;

2 large potatoes, unpeeled, chopped into one-half inch pieces
1 cup carrots, sliced
1 cup beetroot, sliced, chopped
1 cup celery, leaves and all, chopped into one half inch pieces
1 cup any other vegetable., eg, turnips, swede, cabbage, onion
Don’t forget to be liberal with the garlic and fresh herbs!

Fill the pan to cover vegetables with 3-3half pints of water and cook slowly for at least two hours.  Strain – DO NOT EAT VEG – and drink warm. Please feel free to drink as much as you wish. Any left-overs keep in fridge and re-heat before using.

The following ingredients are used in the treatment for specific reasons.  A brief explanation of their properties follows;

Apple Juice – very good for the bowel as it is high in protein, which is a moisture holding substance

Apple Cider Vinegar – very high in organic potassium and good for relieving any mucus or catarrhal conditions.  It helps provide needed nutrients to muscle tissue and enhances metabolic efficiency which in turn calms the whole system

Beetroot Fibre – a slight laxative that works well with the liver, promoting the cleansing of that organ as well as the spleen, kidneys and lungs

Bentonite – made from volcanic ash.  Bentonite is like a magnetic sponge that removes toxins from your entire digestive tract.  Its miniscule size enables it to reach into nooks and crannies of your tissues that even water cannot penetrate, whilst its strong negative charge enables it to pick=k up 200 times its own weight in toxic positive ions. Bentonite works in the bowels along with the Lepicol but it also enters the bloodstream to neutralise and facilitate the rapid elimination of the toxic wastes that enter the blood from the cells

Niacin – stimulates the circulation thus pushing the blood deep into underactive tissues so that they can be strengthened with vital nutrients

Cleansing Drinks – essential part of the programme.  The bentonite and Lepicol is very soothing to an irritated bowel.  It absorbs 90 times its own weight of acid excretions in the bowel so it is the greatest bowel cleanser available.  The honey and vinegar mixture helps the stomach in digesting proteins.  It stirs up the acid-alkaline balance in the body to throw off more acids through the urine.

Colonics – during fasting the natural stimulation of the defecation-reflex from food is missing and therefore all impurities, wastes and toxins will remain in the body and may cause autotoxemia.  The main purpose of fasting is to help the body to cleanse itself from accumulated toxic wastes.  By the process of autolysis, a huge amount of morbid matter, dead cells and diseased tissue are burned and the toxic wastes which have accumulated in the tissues for years, causing disease and premature ageing are loosened and expelled from the system.  Since, during fasting, the natural bowel movements cease to take place, the toxic wastes would have no way of leaving the system, except with the help of colonics and enemas.

Pancreatin – this helps loosen the mucus membrane which lines the gut.  It has the ability to dissolve and digest the heavy mucus encrustations that line the colon.

Linseed Drink – excellent bulk maker, is soothing and healing and an excellent bowel lubricant.

Organic Coffee – has been used for many years in enemas to stimulate peristaltic action in the bowel – driving down faeces and stimulating bile production in the liver.

Superfoods Powder – it is 50-60% protein boasting 19 amino acids, essential fatty acids and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals

Directions for Coffee Enemas

 2 scoops Organic Coffee
 0.5pt Boiling water
 1 pt Cold filtered water
 1tsp Organic cider vinegar

  1. Put 14g of coffee in a saucepan.  Add half a pint of boiling water plus one pint of cold water and  tsp apple cider vinegar
  2. It should be 36C-38C using this method.  You can tell by inserting your finger into the liquid if you don’t have a thermometer, if it is hot on your finger it will BURN your bottom!  Add water to make adjustments
  3. Strain coffee into enema bag
  4. Hang enema about 2 .5 to 3 feet above the anus.  Open stopper over the sink to allow excess air in the tube to escape.
  5. Place a towel on the floor
  6. Lie on left side.  Insert tube 2-3 inches into the rectum and open stopper allowing coffee to flow (as the coffee flows in you may move onto your back if it’s more comfortable).  If you feel discomfort or pain when coffee is running in, stop the flow for a while, and take a few breaths, then continue again until the bag is empty.
  7. Once all coffee is in, close stopper.  Then remove tube and move on to your right side pulling your knees up so that you are in the foetal position.  Retain for 15 minutes.
  8. For the first time it is alright to retain the liquid for as little as 5 minutes but you should aim to build up to 15 minutes, or you can do a plain water enema beforehand and release immediately and then follow by a coffee one.

Some of the Most Important Juices

Carrot Juice
As the best overall vegetable juice for detoxifying the system and repairing damaged tissues, carrot juice is an excellent supplement to the diet.  It has specific affinity for the adrenal glands as well as detoxifying the liver, which is responsible for filtering and nourishing the blood.  

Beetroot Juice
Beetroot juice has strongly detoxifying properties, especially in the liver, bloodstream and kidneys.  Its organic iron content helps build ‘strong blood’ by enriching the red corpuscles which carry oxygen to the tissues.

Grape Juice
Raw dark grapes are such an effective remedy for so many serious ailments.  Grapes detoxify all the body tissues and organs and restore organic integrity to starved cells.

Garlic Juice
Fresh raw garlic, in bulk or juice, is one of the most effective natural anti-biotics on earth.  It has been shown to kill many germs resistant to penicillin.  It also eliminates intestinal parasites.  6-12 cloves of fresh raw garlic are recommended per day – just put through the juicer with the vegetables.

Cabbage Juice
Fresh, raw cabbage has been proven to cure severe ulcers in the stomach, duodenum and intestines. The high sulphur content in raw cabbage cleanses the mucus membranes of the stomach and intestinal tract, where cancerous tissues often form.  It is recommended to take cabbage juice in relatively small amounts in combination with other juices, due to its strength.

Breaking the Fast

First Day:
 Breakfast: Soaked prunes or figs (together with soaking juice)
 Lunch: Small bowl of vegetable salad
 Dinner: Vegetable soup without salt

Second Day:
As the first day plus;
 Breakfast: a glass of live yoghurt and raw nuts
 Lunch: increase the salad portion at lunch
 Dinner: add boiled or baked potato for dinner

Third Day:
Today you may start eating your regular diet;  remember DO NOT OVEREAT!


DO eat food high in fibre; (brown rice, millet, couscous, vegetables)
DO eat cold pressed vegetable oil (unheated)
DO eat seeds and nuts
DO eat live yoghurt 


Sugar – cakes, biscuits, pastries, spreads, white flour products
Salt – hard cheeses, sausages, crisps, peanuts, processed meat products
Stimulants – tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes
Saturated Fats – cream, butter, cheese, red meats